Intelligently sequenced classes offered via Zoom for mature students

The weekly class schedule is progressive with each class complementing the next. A refined system to serve your whole self.

Class topics are based on present moment culture, practice progress, & individual requests. In this style we gain on mat skills for off mat life.

Online classes provide community and focus for consistent practice and dedication to your wellness based lifestyle.

Weekly Classes

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Rehab Yoga ~ Tues 9-10am

This class offers a mix of joint mobilization, stabilization and alignment as foundation for physical healing and healthy self-care. Integration through a complete relaxation concludes practice. If you are interested in a class to ease pain, establish strength and coordination after injury or for healthy aging this is your class. Deceptively "easy" this class will advance your yoga practice safely while  mentally challenging you through a deep mindfulness practice.

Gentle Yoga ~ Thrs 9-10am

A class to enjoy a full range of level 1-2 postures, sequenced with safety, warm-ups, peak posture and counter-poses. Appropriate for all levels. This class builds on Rehab Yoga class. 

Pranayama Meditation

Pranayama strengthens the mind and brings increased longevity. This weekly class trains healthy breathing through classical breathing practices.  This class will establish your home meditation practice and promote your powerful daily routine. Classical yoga meditation is a practice to focus beyond the chatter and establish clarity in the mind. Learn, practice and refine in this class. Personal practices are reflected on, shared for group learning with refined teaching for each student as needed. 


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Monthly Workshops


Topics include

  • Breathing & Relaxation for Meditation
  • Vishoka Meditation & Refinements
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In-Depth Courses

Living Your Best Life Course a transformative experience to accelerate your life's purpose.

Yama Group is a closed group meeting every 8 weeks to utilize the system of yoga and reduce limiting patterns in your life.

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Private Coaching

Individualized teaching and coaching to enhance and advance your yoga practice. Teaching includes intake, goals assessment, philosophy and personalized sequencing, mantra revelation and sadhana guidance.

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