Meet Your Guide to Wellness!

Meet Your Guide to Wellness!


Keira Lynn Ufalusi is an International Yoga Studies certified and Yoga Alliance recognized E-RYT500 & YACEP, a C-IAYT certified by International Association of Yoga Therapists and an advanced level CranioSacral and Massage Therapist certified by The Upledger Institute, Institute for Natural Therapeutics, CAMTC and ABMP. Her thesis  Non Ordinary States of Consciousness for health and healing focused on conscious healing states induced through yogic and somatic practices. Keira holds a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Keira is the founder and director of Antidote Wellness LLC which provides three core programs. (1) CalmCycling is a vendorized program offered through Regional Center East Bay as a Self-Regulation skills program. (2) KeiraLynn Yoga offers weekly classes, monthly workshops, annual online courses and retreats  based in classical Patanjali Yoga Sutra content. (3) CranioSacral based soft osteopathy manual therapies and wellness services within her private practice. Each core program serves it's intended focus with support in holistic therapies and educational tracks. All programs and services are rooted in the living tradition of yoga and offer neuroscience informed, evidence based somatic practices and manual therapies suited for each individual or group. 

Keira was the Lead Practitioner for The Center of Well-Being providing direct services to autistic individuals in self-regulation skills to address aggressive tendencies, anxiety and socialization. Additionally, Keira provides practitioner and employee training in technique and wellness for the Developmental/Intellectual Diverse community. 

Having experienced & benefitted from the healing power of CranioSacral Therapy, related neurological/fasciae manual therapies, and East/West massage therapies directly, Keira became deeply interested in the body mind capacity to heal. She found the transformative power of yoga and relies on her own personal practice to support her daily life. Keira is dedicated to helping others do the same. She supports an evidence based approach to health and healing while recognizing the body’s innate function to heal itself as is described in Osteopathic tenets. Keira has over 30 years of dedicated learning, teaching, personal healing and service experience from which she draws from. She has been trained by the best teachers, therapists, physicians and trainers within her scope of practice all of whom were trained by the best themselves. 

I welcome you to learn how to optimize your inner pharmacy, body and mind, to regulation, resiliency and radiance.